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There are four professions in Tarisland: Forge, Jewelry, Tailor, and Alchemist. Professions are a key part of the Tarisland experience, as each profession can craft unique items and sell them on the Trade Center to other players.

Switching professions in Tarisland takes time and Silver Coins. Here’s every profession in Tarisland, what it offers, and which one you should choose.

Which profession should you choose in Tarisland?

Profession select screen in Tarisland
Every profession is vital. Screenshot by Dot Esports

One profession can’t exist without others, and the choice depends on what you like and how popular the profession is on your server. If there are many players in the same profession, there will be higher competition at the Trade Center, and your items can take longer to sell.


This is why when selecting a profession, the game marks one of them as “Recommended.” This recommendation frequently changes as more players start playing the game, though, so go with the one you like the most.

All professions in Tarisland, explained


Forge crafting menu in Tarisland
Cheaper than buying them from the Trade Center. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Forgers collect Ore and turn it into Ingots. You can then use these Ingots and materials from other professions to craft items. Most professions can craft several equipment pieces, and for Forge, that’s Gauntlets, Armor, and Helmets.

The Forge profession allows you to craft a few useful Functional Items. You can make a Cat Eye Statue to increase your reputation with SilverLit, Copper Bombs to blow up things like crystal chests, and Cardiac Boosters to revive allies.


Jewelry profession in Tarisland
An enhancement item only Jewelers can make. Screenshot by Dot Esports

As a Jeweler, your primary activity is collecting raw crystals across the world and refining them. From the equipment you can craft, there are Accessories, Necklaces, and Rings.

You can also craft Gem Chests that contain Gems. Some armor pieces have Gem Slots where you can inlay the Gems to provide stat boosts, which are useful for optimizing your builds. From Functional Items, you can make the Earth Crystal that grants 200 Reputation to the Ancash Canyon.


Emblem Chest crafting in Tarisland
You practically sell lootboxes to other players. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Tailor follows the same concept as other professions but with different items. As a Tailor, you collect linen as your primary material. You can then use it to craft Leather Gauntlets, Greaves, and Boots.

Similar to how Jeweler crafts Gem Chests, Tailor crafts Emblem Chests. Emblems give stats boosts to your character, allowing you to lean into a specific build.

Tailors can make two Functional Items: Chain of Nature and Linen Package. The Chain of Nature increases grants 200 Reputation to the Misty Forest, and the Linen Package is a backpack that grants extra inventory slots.


Potion crafting screen in Tarisland
A potion for every stat. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Alchemists collect herbs for their job. Although they can’t craft equipment, there are plenty of other useful items you can make in this profession.

As an Alchemist, you can craft various potions, ranging from Attack and Crit. potions to HP and Defense potions. You can also craft Empowerment Runes to grant certain empowerments to your equipment.

When it comes to Functional Items, there are Health Crystals for universal reputation increase, Arcane Crystals, and Arcane Cores. The last two are used to make valuable minerals, like the Intermediate Earth Core, that change your product quality when crafting.

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