Bioware bigwig hits back at Dragon Age Veilguard’s ‘live service’ rumors

The veil is about to be lifted on Bioware’s new Dragon Age title on June 11. But until then, one thing we know for certain is that The Veilguard is anything but a live service game.

Bioware’s Michael Gamble, project director for the next Mass Effect game, cleared any doubts about Dragon Age: The Veilguard being a live service game on X (formerly known as Twitter). “Some takes out there about this game being a live service game or something like that. That part is in the article,” Gamble referenced yesterday’s Bioware blog about the title switch. “It ain’t,” he added, “It’s straight up single player story goodness.”

The blog in question mostly makes it clear that the Bioware team had, in fact, trysted with “a multiplayer concept” while ideating the next Dragon Age title after Inquisition. But as the very next line makes it abundantly clear, the team jettisoned all multiplayer connections and “re-focused” on a “single player game” with “choices, characters, and world-building” that players have come to expect from Bioware.

The illustrious RPG studio doesn’t have a good history with live service games. Their foray into the GaaS space with Anthem infamously bombed, and understandably, the company is wary about any association with the live service tag going forward.

Ten years since Dragon Age Inquisition, The Veilguard will be Bioware’s opportunity to make great strides into AAA RPG space once again.

You can check out The Veilguard’s first gameplay reveal on the official Dragon Age YouTube channel on June 11.

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