Black Ops 6 to feature Max Payne-like multi-directional diving, leaker says

The next Call of Duty is only a few months away from releasing, and gamers can’t wait to dive back into the Black Ops franchise—literally.

According to a new leak, Black Ops 6 will feature “omnidirectional movement” that will “allow players to dive in all directions, similar to Max Payne,” along with the ability to sprint in all directions.

Two CoD Black Ops operators running from an explosion
There may be multiple ways to avoid damage. Image via Activision

The reveal of Black Ops 6 is just two days away, but the picture of what the game may look and play like is already getting clearer thanks to leakers. The latest leak comes from @BobNetworkUK on Twitter/X, who has posted accurate leaks in the past.

The leaker claims that sliding will be returning, too, which should come as no surprise, but the new movement mechanics have “been referred to several times as ‘omnidirectional movement,’” which should come as welcome news to the new generation of “movement demons” in CoD who love to post their gameplay clips online featuring their maxed out sensitivity and blown out lens flare graphics.

The other game brought up by BobNetworkUK, Max Payne, is a third-person shooter series that made the slow-motion “bullet time” mechanic famous, allowing the player to dive in all directions while firing at enemies in slow-mo. How the multi-directional diving will work in an FPS remains to be seen, but it could make for a new experience in the long-running franchise.

Either way, we should know more about BO6 in just two days. The game will debut on Sunday, June 9 during the Xbox Games Showcase, which will be followed by a deep dive into the new game, which came under the ownership of Microsoft after it purchased Activision Blizzard last year.

Yesterday, BobNetworkUK claimed that Theater Mode will be returning in BO6, a feature that has been left out of the franchise since 2020’s Black Ops Cold War. The leaker also says the recent horizontal CoD UI will be changing, along with other leaks in the past that have come to fruition.

The Xbox Games Showcase begins on Sunday, June 9, at 12pm CT.

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