Bungie doubling ‘shiny’ Destiny 2 weapon drop rates next week

Destiny 2 players who want to grab their last limited-edition weapons from the BRAVE Arsenal can save their Trophies of Bravery for next week. Bungie is doubling the drop rate for the so-called “shiny” variants starting at 12pm CT on May 28, according to a blog post from today.

The upcoming buff to the drop chance of limited-edition weapons follows another flat increase to the drop rates of BRAVE weapons and Trophies of Bravery on May 21, enabling players to get more of these guns.

Limited-edition variants of the BRAVE Arsenal weapons became one of the biggest pursuits in Destiny 2 since Into the Light dropped on April 9, bringing the new Onslaught mode. Its drop pool is comprised of reprised weapons, bringing more perks to old favorites and new contenders alike.

The limited-edition Mountaintop in Destiny 2.
Our fingers are crossed for a god-rolled, limited-edition Mountaintop. Image via Bungie

While the base versions of those weapons are good enough on their own, the limited-edition versions are even better. They drop with two perks in columns three and four, and players can easily improve both traits in those columns. Additionally, they have an exclusive ornament that gives them a gold glow. This gave them the moniker of “shiny” weapons, similar to how some Pokémon can have different colors.

The weapons from the Into the Light update aren’t going away with The Final Shape, but the limited-time editions will stop dropping after the expansion. The Attunement feature is also slated for some changes, so it’s best to make the most of it while it’s still available in its current form.

Bungie’s dramatic boost to the drop rate of Trophies of Bravery also helps players stock up on that currency. It costs 10 Trophies to open the chest next to Lord Shaxx in the Hall of Champions, granting them a random weapon. This drop has the potential to be a limited-time variant of the weapon.

Though The Final Shape launches on June 4, the servers will go down at reset on Monday, June 3, so players have until then to farm out their remaining weapons and tie up their loose ends before the expansion.

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