Bungie notches yet another win in court against cheat providers, demands five-figure sum

Bungie has claimed another win against cheat providers in court, with a jury siding with the Destiny 2 developer today against AimJunkies and Phoenix Digital for copyright violations. The court also rejected AimJunkies’ counter-claim that Bungie illegally accessed computers, ordering key figures to pay damages amounting to over $60,000 USD.

The ruling, first reported by Game File’s Stephen Totilo, saw a jury side with a developer against cheat makers in the landmark case that was filed well over three years ago. Phoenix Digital, owner of AimJunkies, has been ordered on May 24 to pay $63,210 in damages. It seems like a low number considering Bungie had previously won over four million dollars against the same company, but this verdict was exclusively aimed at revenue AimJunkies generated from the sale of cheats.

The Scarlet Keep, as seen from Sorrow's Harbor in Destiny 2
Cheat makers and developers have been battling in courts frequently in the past few years. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The case, which began in 2021, is still ongoing. The ruling above is only a part of a broader lawsuit initiated by Bungie against Phoenix Digital which supposedly created and distributed cheats for Destiny 2. It is also the closure of a counter-lawsuit launched on behalf of Phoenix Digital which alleged Bungie illegally accessed the company’s computers and infringed on its copyright. It also confirmed that Phoenix Digital and AimJunkies did indeed infringe on Bungie’s copyrighted material with their cheating software.

This is not Bungie’s first or only legal pursuit of cheat developers. Against Lavicheats and Elite Boss Tech, the Sony-owned developer scored multiple wins respectively, recouping tens of millions in damages across the numerous suits. It also sued the developers of the so-called “Ring-1 cheat.” That case is still in due process, with Bungie seeking damages as well as the total destruction of all software related to the Ring-1 cheat.

Cheating has continuously posed a serious issue in gaming, and developers have been increasingly looking for legal solutions to the problem. In recent years, we’ve seen numerous publishers and developers taking cheat providers to court with some awarded multi-million sums.

While hacking remains a problem, one thing’s for sure: There are some games, like Destiny 2, where it just isn’t worth the trouble.

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