Call of Duty promises 2 crucial quality-of-life improvements coming soon to MW3 Zombies

Season three of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is bringing a ton of new content to the game’s popular Zombies mode, but players will just have to be patient a bit longer for two monumental fixes they’ve been begging for.

Treyarch Studios confirmed on April 3 that two major changes are coming to MW3 Zombies at some point during season three: a long-asked-for size increase to the player stash and the addition of exfil Schematic cooldowns. Treyarch said it has already shown off these new changes to various MW3 Zombies and Call of Duty creators.

Stash size has been a consistent complaint among MW3 Zombies players essentially since the mode debuted, but the stash size is set to be doubled sometime during season three. While players have been complaining about both the Acquisitions stash size and the Contraband weapon size, the Acquisitions stash size has been the biggest pet peeve of the community. Players have been forced to drop Acquisitions they find during matches because they’ve already maxed out their stash.

A welcome new addition to Zombies gameplay is the exfil Schematic cooldown mechanic, which is already appearing in the end-of-match report despite not being active yet. Treyarch has said this mechanic “will work just like the Insured Weapon time reduction with successful exfils,” meaning successful exfils will result in players being able to produce Acquisitions with Schematics quicker than usual. This will mean getting the rare classified items back in players’ hands so they can take on harder challengers like the Dark Aether Rifts.

Both the stash size additions and the exfil Schematic cooldown mechanic are expected to launch along with the other new season three Zombies content, which like with previous seasons has not launched at the same time as season three. The early response to these changes has been significantly positive from players.

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