Can you change your class in Tarisland?

In the enchanting world of Tarisland, where mighty forests speak wisdom and mighty kingdoms rise and fall, the concept of class is not merely a choice of skill and stats—it’s a defining moment that alters the rest of your journey.

Among the many questions that arise among adventurers is whether one can change their class in Tarisland or not. To provide clarity on this matter and answer your queries, we’ve crafted a comprehensive guide tailored just for you.

Classes in Tarisland and how to change them

Sadly, you can’t for now. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Once you choose your class in Tarisland, it remains fixed for the duration of your journey. Your selected class will remain tied to your character throughout the entirety of the game. But if you want to switch classes and select a new character for your adventures, there’s a way around this restriction.

You’ll need to log out of your current Level Infinite account and create a fresh one. Your data from the old account will be preserved, but your new account will start from scratch in terms of leveling up and selecting a new class.

A priest class in tarisland
Not the right way but it does the job. Screenshot by Dot Esports

As you venture into the perilous dungeons and marvel at the beauty of SilverLit, selecting a class that aligns with your playstyle and offers desired bonuses can significantly impact your gameplay experience.

Classes in Tarisland go beyond mere occupations or specialties; they represent a solemn commitment deeply rooted in the realm’s lore and heritage. Whether you are a steadfast Knight defending honor, an enigmatic Druid communing with nature’s spirits, or simply a mage, each holds profound significance as a definitive identity shaped by centuries of tradition and revered by Tarisland‘s inhabitants.

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