Can you delete your character in Once Human?

Once Human has finally been released after a beta test and Steam Fest demo but players are wondering if you can delete your character. If you’ve got the same question, we have the answer.

The NetEase title enjoyed an instant surge in popularity but, as Once Human has plenty for players to learn, you may decide to start again at some point with all the knowledge you have obtained—which will lead you to wonder if you can delete your character.

We’ve got all the details you need to know about deleting your character in Once Human below.

Is character deletion available in Once Human?

A Once Human character under a red light.
Your character will always be there. Screenshot by Dot Esports.

No, you cannot delete your character in Once Human, although this may change in a future update. However, you can make multiple characters in Once Human and you don’t need to create a new account to do so. You can also change your character’s appearance.

This is particularly important as you cannot change servers in Once Human, which leaves you stuck if you and your friends are in a different server or region. However, you can join your friends as long as you match the requirements—and if you don’t, you can create a new character on the same server as your friends.

This rule is in place to keep the game balanced. Different servers may be at different stages in the game, and allowing players to move a fully-equipped character to a new server could overshadow new characters and disrupt the balance. You can, however, change worlds within the same server.

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