CoD’s next wild crossover will see Gundam coming in Season 4

Everyone knows Call of Duty doesn’t shy away from crossovers that, on paper, seem a bit too out-there, but Bandai Namco’s Gundam mid-season collaboration has certainly turned heads—and fans are hungry to see what the anime-shooter event has in store.

Bandai Namco announced the Season Four crossover between Gundam and CoD on X (formerly Twitter) on May 20, with Activision confirming the impending CoD collab shortly after. Not much was revealed in the 10-second clip: A Gundam mecha suit’s shadow can be seen projected onto the side of a building seemingly set in Japan, with neon lights flashing while the Gundam looks around the vicinity.

A shadow of a Gundam mech suit on a building in Japan.
Screenshot by Dot Esports via SOTSU•SUNRISE and Activision

Many players are speculating as to what the crossover will contain—from Operator bundles featuring the anime series’ characters to playable Gundam suits and even a new map.

We’re over 40 years on from Mobile Suit Gundam, a Sunrise studio anime series that spawned generations of fans, with its gigantic mech battles creating a lasting legacy in pop culture. Now, that legacy is set to extend into the world’s biggest shooter, which has already seen the likes of Dune and Warhammer 40K make a splash.

Dataminers revealed the crossover back on May 2, with game files revealing the addition of the anime franchise as well as Fallout and The Crow were also set to arrive in Season Four, set to begin in late May. Also included in the update is the expected return of franchise-favorite weapons the Kar98k and the SPAS-12, as well as multiple modes and new maps.

I can’t imagine what it might look like to fly around CoD maps like Rust or Shipyard in a giant mecha Gundam suit firing rockets and using plasma swords, but come late May or maybe early June, we’ll be finding out together.

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