‘Completely broken’: WarOwl ‘done’ with CS2 Premier as cheaters run rampant

Counter-Strike 2 being flooded with cheaters is nothing new, but it’s forcing players and content creators to abandon the game in frustration, including WarOwl.

The North American streamer played a few Premier games on April 11, and reportedly, there was a cheater in every single one of them. Naturally, this irritated the streamer, with WarOwl claiming he’s “done” with CS2‘s Premier mode until it’s properly fixed.

“I think I’m done with Premier. […] That was ridiculous. I think we came across cheaters in almost every game,” he said. “I don’t care if the rank decays or whatever, I’m done. […] At this point, the in-game matchmaking is just completely broken.”

In the clip, WarOwl acknowledges how everyone’s actively talking about the poor state of Premier mode in CS2, but says he didn’t believe it himself. After yesterday’s games, though, he completely agrees with the community, and claims the situation has somehow become even worse.

Numerous players chimed in on Reddit, agreeing with the streamer about how broken Premier mode currently is, given the sheer number of cheaters running rampant. “The 15k+ is where you start to get absolutely fucked. Prior to that its playable with sus moments here and there (only had 2 so far personally). The top end is fucked if you Crack like 16k just quit,” one player wrote.

If you’ve tried to climb the ranks recently, you’ll probably agree with this sentiment. We basically gave up playing Premier mode because we were also facing cheaters in almost every game. The game feels beyond broken at this point, and Valve needs to act fast.

On top of that, recently players discovered a “free” cheat where they could turn on wallhacks just by writing a few commands into the console. Luckily, Valve fixed the exploit quickly, but it goes to show how easy and accessible cheats are in CS2.

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