Concord price: Is it free to play?

Firewalk Studio is dropping its debut project for the world with the release of Concord, a futuristic first-person shooter featuring explosive abilities, powerful weapons, and a cast of characters to win you over. Some people, though, are wondering if the new title is free-to-play.

Whether you’re rolling into action as an intergalactic gunslinger, picking off enemies as an expert sniper, or stomping into the frontlines as a tank, there are multiple different characters from the Freegunners space outlaws to try out and master. With six different PvP modes across a variety of maps, there’s plenty to try out in this new shooter across a pair of platforms.

If you’re looking for a new game to try out before its beta, here is everything we know about Concord‘s price point and whether it’s free to play.

Is Concord free to play? Price points, editions, and more

Concord character holding a sniper rifle
Locked in. Image via Sony

If you’re looking for a new game to try out, Concord is not a free-to-play title and will instead have a couple of price points to choose from. Luckily for gamers, it won’t have a typical AAA price at launch and will instead have a lower cost for those who just want the game and not any other editions.

Here are all of Concord’s different price points:

  • Concord regular edition
    • $39.99 USD
    • £34.99 GBP
    • €39.99 EUR
  • Concord Digital Deluxe edition
    • $59.99 USD
    • £49.99 GBP
    • €59.99 EUR

Players can pre-purchase Concord to get the Monarch Pack, which features a weapon skin for Vale and the Dead Reckoner weapon skin pack, along with beta advanced access for you and four friends. The Digital Deluxe version of Concord, on the other hand, will feature the base game, 16 character skins, up to 72 hours of advanced access, and the Monarch Pack.

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