Counter-Strike superstar is hit with permanent Twitch ban, explains why

Twitch’s strict rules, though often implemented with the best intentions, can sometimes backfire. And they’ve backfired hard in this case, as rising CS2 superstar donk has been permanently suspended from the platform.

Danil “donk” Kryshkovets is currently one of the most promising professional CS2 players, having captivated the wider audiences with his incredible performance at IEM Katowice 2024. The thing is, donk is only 17 and has been playing the game actively since his childhood.

Donk stayed with his original Twitch account following the immense fame he garnered, which was created before he officially turned 13, leading to a retroactive check and ban by the platform. Twitch has made similar moves before, and bans like these usually render a player unable to return or appear in another streamer’s show indefinitely.

Donk, a CS2 player, sits and plays with his Team Spirit teammates at IEM Katowice 2024.
Donk is the youngest-ever HLTV MVP during a “Big Event.” Photo by Helena Kristiansson via ESL

Donk quietly announced the ban on May 7 on his X account. Both he and Twitch have yet to provide further comments on what is going on or whether he will be reinstated on the biggest streaming platform. Fans on social media have already begun calling donk to move to other streaming services, such as YouTube and Kick, though no information regarding any potential move has arisen thus far.

The young Russian has been dominating the CS2 scene since the IEM Katowice 2024 event earlier this year, when he scored a first-place victory with Team Spirit. He became the youngest HLTV MVP at a “Big Event” and is the second-youngest HLTV MVP in history. Though Team Spirit failed to score a significant finish at the first CS2 major in Copenhagen, the young player’s career is only just getting started, Twitch ban or otherwise.

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