‘Crazy underrated’ Helldivers 2 weapon could actually be overpowered

Helldivers 2 launched two months ago, and now has its own established meta. Some weapons and Stratagems are better than others, and players have seemingly discovered a sleeper powerhouse that’s ideal for spreading Democracy.

When it comes to Support weapons in Helldivers 2, many players opt for heavy hitters like the Quasar Cannon and the Railgun. On April 8, players on Reddit highlighted that the Stalwart Support machine gun is “crazy underrated” and that more players should use it.

The Stalwart unlock page in Helldivers 2, on the Ship Stratagem purchase page.
Administrating Freedom on the go. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Redditor pointed out that the Stalwart is a great choice so you can have variety in your team’s loadouts. “I’ve been running the Stalwart a lot lately coupled with the Guard Dog Rover and it literally turns you into a walking gunship,” they added.

Many users agreed Stalwart is so underrated because hardly anyone using it. “People don’t want to bring a support weapon that’s just an upgraded primary,” one fan wrote in the comments. A loadout with Stalwart can be effective against both bots and bugs (not that we have much of a choice right now), but only if the pick is coordinated with the rest of the team. You’ll still need a Quasar Cannon or something of a similar caliber to deal with tankier threats, like Chargers. At the same time, one or two machine guns can make easy work of all the weaker enemies.

One of the biggest issues is that on higher difficulties, even if you coordinate with your team, you often need something heavier than the Stalwart, simply because of how many tanky targets there are. Any accidental engagement with Terminids at a high level can quickly result in multiple Chargers and a Bile Titan, and that’s without reaching the main objective.

As one player suggested, it’d be great to have a machine gun that acts as a primary weapon rather than a Support one. But something tells me that would quickly dominate the meta and power creep all the other weapons.

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