CS2 players discover hilarious way to ‘sprint’ following April 25 update

Counter-Strike 2 is missing many features that are common in other FPS games, but that’s part of what makes it unique. Sprinting is one of these missing features, and now fans are joking that the April 25 update finally introduced it.

Valve launched a massive CS2 patch on April 25 called “On The Other Hand.” The update’s name comes from the fact that players can finally switch hands with their guns and knives. You can do this at any time with a console command, and players discovered that doing it every half a second looks hilariously like sprinting.

When you bind a console command to switching hands and run and the same time, it looks like your character is swinging their arms, which is a bit similar to sprinting animations in other games.

Obviously, this doesn’t actually increase your movement speed. Switching your weapon to your left hand is only a minor feature, but CS2 players have been asking for it since the game launched in September 2023. It’s greatly appreciated by the community, alongside a few other changes added in the April 25 update.

The latest patch reintroduced Overwatch, a feature that allows players to spectate and judge the performance of players who have been reported numerous times. If their behavior is suspicious, they may be flagged as cheaters and their account could be banned. It’s a small step toward fighting the enormous cheating problem in CS2.

Valve also replaced Overpass with Dust2, which is undoubtedly the biggest change in the update. It’s also the main point of criticism from players. The community agrees the map pool needed an update, but removing a tactically complex map like Overpass and introducing Dust2 in its place doesn’t make much sense.

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