CS2 superteam are tanking hard—and players are loving it

Not every superteam in esports works, especially in Counter-Strike 2. Lately, one squad has been fumbling massively, and CS2 players are thoroughly enjoying it.

Team Falcons assembled a CS2 superteam by the end of 2023, bringing in ENCE core of Snappi, maden, and SunPayus, alongside Magisk, BOROS, and coach zonic. After falling short at the beginning of 2024, the team had to make some roster changes, and things aren’t looking much better, since Falcons have won only two of their last 10 series.

These two wins were a 2-1 victory over Asian TYLOO at ESL Pro League Season 19 and a 13-8 victory at PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major RMR over 3DMAX. In the meantime, Falcons lost against TheMongolz, BetBoom, G2 Esports, and even Metizport at BLAST Premier Spring Showdown, where they had s1mple as a stand-in. Their recent results were discussed on Reddit on May 14, with CS2 players loving Falcons’ downfall.

“Yep, and I’m loving it. Eagerly waiting for them to dip below 10% [win rate recently],” one player wrote. “They have literally not won a single game against a noteworthy opponent,” another added. 

Team Falcons on stage at IEM Katowice after their CS2 win over ENCE.
Falcons’ semifinals run at IEM Katowice 2024 was their last achievement. Photo via ESL

The hate against Falcons is due to it being owned by Saudi Arabians. Many in the scene believe the owners invested a lot of money into the CS2 squad, which is why players joined the team in the first place—due to salary. “Always love seeing Saudi sports washing taking an L,” one poster wrote. 

Some fans even called Falcons a “retirement home,” given how the team is unable to achieve anything, yet veterans can earn tons of money in the organization. The squad is currently made of experienced players like Snappi, Magisk, and dupreeh. 

Falcons are seemingly a major investment—which isn’t paying off so far—and the org’s players are aware of it. Back in February, Magisk claimed the CS2 format made it dangerous for companies to enter the scene. Luckily for Falcons and many other competitors in the space, many tournament organizers are re-entering the scene in 2025, like StarLadder.

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