CS2’s April 25 update is almost perfect apart from one ‘s**t’ decision

After months of minor patches, Counter-Strike 2 got a significant update on April 25. It made lots of substantial changes, but the community hates one of them.

The latest CS2 update reintroduced Overwatch, made numerous HUD/UI changes, allowed practice servers in close parties, and improved the buy menu. Players love all the changes except arguably the biggest one: replacing Overpass in the active map pool with a classic map from the franchise, Dust2.

“I hate this so much. Overpass is a legitimately interesting map tactically, dust2 is just a rush and deathmatch simulator,” a player wrote on Reddit. “Such a shit decision… Overpass got a rework and was one of the more complex maps in the pool, and now we’re going back to boring ass Dust2,” another added.

A player with an AK in their left hand on Dust 2 in CS2.
Dust2 is back on the menu, and players hate it. Image grabbed from @CounterStrike on X.

The community has been begging Valve to overhaul the competitive map pool. Players argued it was getting boring, both for casual games and professional tournaments. But the sentiment so far is that replacing Overpass with Dust2 feels “random.” Players see it as one of the worst decisions Valve could make.

The community’s frustration is understandable. Overpass was revamped ahead of CS2’s launch last September, and it was recognized as one of the most complex maps in the pool. Despite being on active map duty for 10 years, it brought a lot to the table. Dust2, on the other hand, is arguably the most iconic map in CS franchise, and fans argue it doesn’t have as much space for creative tactics as Overpass or other maps in the pool.

Luckily, this is the only change the community seems to hate in the April 25 CS2 update. Other features like Overwatch and updates to gameplay systems were met with a warm welcome, because they’re genuine quality-of-life improvements.

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