Dark Souls is getting a horror fantasy manga with ‘all-new story’

Dark Souls: Redemption is a new manga set to take you back into the iconic world of the Dark Souls series with an all-new story. The upcoming title is said to lean into the series’ signature horror fantasy, weaving a tale that resembles its haunting narrative.

The Dark Souls manga was announced by publisher Yen Press on social media today, along with a preorder page that confirmed the new volume would be released on Aug. 27. The preorder listing for the manga specifies “Volume One,” suggesting a continuation of the story in a potential future volume.

Dark souls redemption manga
Screenshot via Yen Press on X

This adaptation is written by Julien Blondel. And while it isn’t coming directly from franchise creators FromSoftware, it should still offer a fresh experience for content-hungry Dark Souls fans, given it’s based on the series.

The manga’s description, first shared by Yen Press alongside the reveal, describes the upcoming story as one that will introduce readers to a nameless woman with no recollection of her past who sets out seeking answers. The synopsis goes on to describe a protector with secrets of his own and their journey teeming with creatures familiar to the Dark Souls franchise with mentions of “The Gray Cinders,” “a colossus,” and even a forgotten “scourge” echoing the series’ trademark oppressive atmosphere. With promises of a perilous journey where the fate of a dying world hangs in the balance, the manga offers another exciting Dark Souls experience.

This announcement is a welcomed surprise for FromSoftware fans, especially those who may have been left wanting by the comedic tone of the Elden Ring’s manga adaptation: Elden Ring: The Road to the Erdtree. Its first chapter, titled “You Thought This’d Be Serious. Didn’t You?” hints at the lighthearted and fun narrative the adaptation would follow, which, for some fans, strayed from the series’ usual dark and serious tone, leaving some fans wanting a more faithful adaptation.

Will the nameless woman and her mysterious protector be able to save this dying world? Find out when Dark Souls: Redemption arrives on Aug. 27.

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