Days after Sony backtrack, Helldivers 2 remains unavailable to new players in most countries

The brief cataclysm faced by Helldivers 2 amid Sony’s wishes to mandate PSN sign-ups produced an unexpected result: The game has been delisted in over 150 countries and territories that do not support the PlayStation Network. And, even days after Sony backtracked, the game remains unavailable in said regions.

As things stand, Helldivers 2 cannot be purchased in those countries and territories that do not support Sony’s PlayStation Network. The exact reasons behind its supposed removal from regional stores are unclear, though it’s likely Valve itself made the move until things settled down. However, it has been days since Sony announced it would not be going forward with its decision to mandate PSN sign-ups for Helldivers 2 players. And, while the game’s reputation and review scores have improved, citizens of over 150 countries cannot purchase the game and experience what made it great in the first place.

A Hell Diver in Helldivers 2 prepares to chuck a Thermite Grenade.
Sony’s PSN mandate caused a massive controversy. Image via Arrowhead Studios

According to SteamDB, Helldivers 2 cannot be purchased in exactly 174 countries and territories as of today, May 8. This includes some overseas territories of the UK, Norway, and France, as well as numerous European countries. It appears some European Union member-states who were previously outside of the PSN’s range have been excluded from this sweeping delisting. There has been no official news or statements by Arrowhead, Valve, or Sony regarding this change or when it will be revoked.

For those in these territories and countries who have already purchased the game prior to the controversy and subsequent delisting, there is some good news at least. You can still access and play the game in your region, and shouldn’t feel any hindrance along the way. However, for newcomers from the majority of the globe, you’ll have to wait for the higher-ups to reach a new decision and reinstate the game to your regional storefront.

Until then, patience is key, and remember—any day is a good day to die for Democracy.

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