Destiny 2: Echoes trailer teases Saint-14 in trouble, plus a new big bad

Destiny 2’s story within The Final Shape expansion is already set to continue tomorrow with a new episode titled Echoes.

A trailer for Echoes premiered today, and the next work from Bungie is looking exciting. Although the Witness has been defeated, the fight continues. As a result of the battle, remnants of Light and Darkness scattered across the galaxy, called echoes.

The Guardian standing with Saint-14 and Osiris in Destiny 2: Echoes.
Saint-14 looks hurt. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The first echo has landed on Nessus, and the legendary Titan Saint-14 says he’s heard a voice from the moon, and he could not deny its commands. So naturally, Saint and the Guardians are headed there next to battle the Vex and something completely new.

The trailer also includes a sneak peek at what looks like a new Destiny big bad. The villain looks to be something like a humanoid-like, personification of the Vex with a large crown and collar that looks to be lit up with Radiolarian fluid.

Like seasons before it, episodes look to add new activities, gear, loot, and weekly story beats for players to return for. Bungie revealed the first three episodes of the post-Final Shape era today, including Echoes, followed by Revenant, and Heresy.

Episodes are a bit longer than seasons, with three episodes per year, meaning each episode may last around four months with slower story beats than before, while Bungie likely expands to work on other projects such as Marathon and the inevitable Destiny 3 while still supporting Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: Echoes begins tomorrow, June 11, at weekly reset and will continue for the foreseeable future ahead of seasonal events and other content drops.

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