Destiny 2 Into the Light roadmap: BRAVE weapons, Exotic quests, new PvP maps, more

The Final Shape is approaching, but before that, Destiny 2 players must prepare the Last City to defend itself before it pursues The Witness into the Traveller. That’s where Into the Light comes in, with the free expansion now live and packed full of gear and activities.

Into the Light kicked off on Tuesday, April 9 and will run right up until The Final Shape finally launches in early July, and Bungie has filled the gap with a new horde mode “Onslaught,” reprised weapons straight from Lord Shaxx’s BRAVE vault, the return of Exotic missions The Whisper and Zero hour, and plenty more.

Here’s the full roadmap for Destiny 2‘s Into the Light free expansion.

Destiny 2‘s Into the Light roadmap by date

The Into the Light roadmap for Destiny 2.
A busy two months before The Final Shape arrives. Screenshot by Dot Esports

April 9: Expansion launch, Onslaught, The Whisper, BRAVE weapons and armor

The Into the Light expansion launched on April 9 and came packed with plenty of content for guardians both old and new. Bungie has refreshed the New Light experience, gifting new or returning players weapons and armor that catches them right up and allows them to immediately participate in endgame activities if they choose to.

New game mode Onslaught also launched, which sees fireteams land around the Last City and the EDZ setting up defenses against hordes of Darkness enemies. Players work their way up to round 50, with each stage getting more and more difficult—and a little more rewarding at the same time. Completing Onslaught unlocks the BRAVE arsenal, a reprised set of weapons featuring classics like The Recluse and The Mountaintop.

The Whisper Exotic quest has returned with new secrets to uncover. Previously accessible via a public event, players can now launch The Whisper and complete it for their own craftable and upgradable version of the Whisper of the Worm Exotic sniper rifle.

April: BRAVE weapon schedule

An image showing the 12 weapons that will be reissued with Into the Light, including some of Destiny's most classic weapons.
The BRAVE reprised weapon arsenal will be released in stages. Image via Bungie

Below you’ll find the schedule for BRAVE weapon releases. Six weapons were available at Into the Light’s launch on April 9, with two weapons available each week thereafter:

  • April 9:
    • Edge Transit
    • Elsie’s Rifle
    • Falling Guillotine
    • Hung Jury SR4
    • Succession
    • The Recluse
  • April 16:
    • Midnight Coup
    • The Mountaintop
  • April 23:
  • April 30:
    • Blast Furnace
    • Luna’s Howl

April 30: Pantheon raid boss challenge

April 30 marks the final week for BRAVE weapon releases, and with it comes a new raid boss challenge titled Pantheon. Teams will take on raid bosses in a new gauntlet-like challenge that sees guardians face some of the most dangerous foes from years past, with plenty of rewards up for grabs.

We don’t know too much about what Pantheon will involve just yet, but we’ll learn more as the month progresses via Bungie’s weekly blog.

May 7: Zero Hour, PvP Map Pack

The second reprised Exotic quest, Zero Hour, makes its entrance in early May. Like The Whisper quest, Zero Hour has had a rework with tons of new secrets to uncover, a return into the lair of TR3-VR, and a chance to pick up a craftable version of Outbreak Perfected.

May 7’s weekly reset brings with it a PvP map refresh, with new maps for Crucible players to dive into as well as a three-vs-three playlist featuring just the new maps. Players will be able to battle on the maps based in Neomuna, Europa, and a third themed around the Root of Nightmares raid.

June 4: The Final Shape launches

Destiny 2 Final Shape location
The end of the beginning for Destiny 2. Image via Bungie

A month later, The Final Shape will arrive. Originally meant to release in February, players will finally be able to conclude the “Light versus Darkness” saga and take on The Witness inside of The Pale Heart, a new zone designed inside the Traveller.

The update will also include a new subclass, “Prismatic,” the Dread enemy faction (the first new enemy faction since Forsaken), Exotic class armor items, new retroactive crafting for several existing weapons, and so much more.

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