Destiny 2: Into the Light will add 3 new PvP maps, bring back 2 classic Exotic missions reworked

One final livestream ahead of Destiny 2’s Into the Light update has revealed two classic missions will be returning, while also finally previewing a new pack of maps for the Crucible.

Into the Light is releasing next week, and along with the already-announced Onslaught co-op mode, Brave Arsenal of weapons, and the long-awaited return of a popular shader, the dev team had a few more reveals to show today, including the new PvP maps.

Eventide Labs Crucible map in Destiny 2
A new Crucible map, Eventide Labs. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Three new maps are coming as part of Into the Light, called Cirrus Plaza, Dissonance, and Eventide Labs. Bungie designer Coolie Calihan said the maps were built with three-vs-three in mind but will work for all modes and types.

During the stream, Bungie also confirmed that two classic Exotic missions, “The Whisper” and “Zero Hour,” are being tweaked and brought back for Destiny 2 with some minor changes for their reiteration into the game.

“The Whisper” takes place on Io and rewards the Whisper of the Worm sniper rifle, while “Zero Hour” takes place within the Tower during a heist where you can earn the Outbreak Perfected pulse rifle. Both exotics will now be craftable, too.

But the missions won’t be carbon copies of their original versions. The combat sections are being reworked for a modern sandbox, and even some secrets and traversal sections will be changed. The mission timers are extended, too, up to 40 minutes on normal difficulty, and the Legend version will be 20 minutes like the originals.

“All those old guides, and all the old walkthroughs, they’re going to have to be re-made,” Bungie art director Rob Adams said during the livestream. The devs teased that the boss fight in the mission has changed, too.

Cirrus Plaza Crucible map in Destiny 2
New Crucible map, Cirrus Plaza, on Neomuna. Screenshot by Dot Esports

“Zero Hour” will launch alongside Into the Light on April 9, and “The Whisper” will be released sometime in May.

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