Destiny 2 players desperately want this feature for upcoming Exotic class items

The Finals Shape showcase for Destiny 2 on April 9 revealed new Exotic class items that will seemingly completely change the meta and potentially the fashion game.

The upcoming Exotic class items can roll any two Exotic armor perks in Destiny 2. Exotics like these are bound to become the meta as soon as they are released simply due to their strength potential. However, using only these Exotics means your fashion is at risk, which is why on April 9, a Destiny 2 fan on Reddit suggested we should be able to transmog the Exotic class items, just like we can any Legendary class item.

destiny 2 prismatic subclass
This is a true Guardian. Image via Bungie

Several players said we might get Exotic Ornaments for these class items, in the same way we have Ornaments for normal Exotics, but many agreed this won’t be enough. “It’ll be a huge miss if we can’t transmog them. I’m sure Catarina wasn’t lying in the vid when she said they looked great, but there’s no class item that’s going to look good with every outfit,” one player wrote, and I couldn’t agree more.

For many players, fashion is the true endgame of Destiny 2. Collecting armor pieces, transmogging them, and building unique outfits that make the guardian look good while fighting the most challenging enemies in the galaxy is the best part of the game. Just the other day I made a Hunter outfit inspired by Helldivers 2, but if I had to use the Exotic class item in its original look, that outfit would never have worked.

Bungie is giving us more freedom in building our guardian with The Final Shape. The new Prismatic subclass will allow us to mix and match abilities from different subclasses, which, paired with these Exotic class items, offers an unlimited number of ways to play Destiny 2. And if we can play our way, then we have to look our way.

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