Destiny 2 players furious over Bungie time-gating Into the Light weapons

In a blog post from March 27, Bungie confirmed that only six out of 12 weapons coming in Destiny 2’s Into the Light update will be available at launch. The rest will become available one at a time, once a week, leaving many fans frustrated and disappointed.

On the same day, Destiny 2 players on Reddit agreed Bungie has no good reason to time-game the weapons, and should release all the weapons together when Into the Light launches on April 9. “Legitimately awful decision. Classic Bungie shooting itself in the foot when they almost had a W,” one player wrote, adding they just want to enjoy the content coming with the update.

An image showing the 12 weapons that will be reissued with Into the Light, including some of Destiny's most classic weapons.
FOMO at Destiny‘s best. Image via Bungie

Time-gating the weapons means if you want a specific weapon from the BRAVE arsenal, whether it’s Luna’s Howl or The Mountaintop, you might have to wait weeks until it becomes available. And while all the weapons and the rest of the Into the Light content, including the Onslaught activity, will stay in the game when The Final Shape expansion launches on June 4, the limited editions of these weapons (with shiny ornaments) will go away, shortening the window for you to get them.

This news came as a disappointment to the community, especially since the time-gating wasn’t mentioned during the Into the Light livestream on March 26, where the developer discussed the new social space and rewards. “A cowards move that was on purpose, they knew the community would hate it,” one player wrote, with others mentioning it’s likely Bungie’s management behind this decision to ensure consistent player engagement.

Regardless of who’s responsible, Destiny 2 players agreed time-gating harms the community’s interest in the game. “It’s ridiculous that people are literally hyped to grind the game for the first time in months and they immediately grind it to a halt by limiting it so hard,” a fan wrote, hoping Bungie will reconsider if the playerbase remains vocal about this issue.

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