Destiny 2 players now have a way to check Bungie updates without using social media

To check Destiny 2 server status, maintenance updates, or downtime schedule, players typically have to check the BungieHelp account on X, formerly Twitter. Since not everyone wants to create and use an X account, a savvy Destiny 2 player has developed a handy solution.

On March 21, a Destiny 2 player on Reddit introduced—a simple website that shows the most recent posts from the BungieHelp X account. You can now find all the updates from Bungie on this website without using X itself. According to the creator, the website updates every minute, ensuring you don’t fall behind on the news during important days like an expansion or season launch.

A group of Guardians stand together, with a Titan at the front wielding an axe that is awash in purple Void light.
Not the hero we deserved, but the hero we needed. Image via Bungie

The creator also added that if the website ever breaks, players can reach out to them personally and report the issue. “I may or may not be able to fix it because I’m an idiot when it comes to web development,” they wrote.

Players have complained about being forced to use social media for game and server updates for a long time. Many fans previously suggested that rather than using a third-party app, Bungie should have a page for official updates on their website or have a dedicated section on Destiny 2’s login screen.

Luckily, this community website provides almost everything we needed. Several players suggested it should also have feeds for posts from the Destiny2Team and DestinyTheGame accounts, as those occasionally share important updates. The creator responded by saying it’s something they’ll have to investigate, but should be pretty easy to add.

It’s surprising Bungie hasn’t made anything similar in all these years. According to the creator of, it took “days worth of work to do everything without knowing how to actually do any of it,” so Bungie surely should be able to do something similar, even if it’s very simple. They added that if approached by Bungie, they’d be happy to transfer ownership of both the website and the domain for free.

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