Destiny 2 players will get a rare opportunity to change their names with Into The Light

When Into The Light drops into Destiny 2 on April 9, players are going to get the chance to reinvent their identities in a way that hasn’t been possible until now. Not only can they re-customize their Guardians, but they’re also getting one more token to change their Bungie username.

We already knew about the upcoming ability to modify your appearance back in January, but the reveal that a one-time name change token will come bundled alongside it comes courtesy of today’s Into The Light preview stream. Whether you just think your current Destiny 2 username is lousy or you’re a player who’s name got hit by the filter system, this will be an ideal opportunity to change it—and one that hasn’t come around since March 2022.

Two Guardians face off against an enemy Titan and Warlock in a match of the Crucible.
You’ll only get one chance, so be sure to pick something cool. Image via Bungie

On PC, Destiny 2 players used to be able to freely customize their username on a whim, but that all changed when Bungie added crossplay to the game in Season of the Lost. Since then, Destiny 2 no longer uses your platform name, instead using one newly tied to your Bungie account. The transition caught a lot of players off guard and left them with less than desirable usernames at the time. If they didn’t amend it back when the first name change token was offered in 2022, players haven’t had a chance to right their wrongs in roughly two years.

As before, using the token will most likely require a trip to the Bungie website, where your name can be changed under your profile’s identity settings.

It isn’t a surprise to see Bungie giving everyone a fresh start with Into The Light. From the return of Zero Hour to the addition of Destiny 2’s first wave-based PvE activity, April 9’s free update is all about bringing players new and old back into the Destiny 2 ecosystem. The Final Shape is now only a few months away, teeing up Into The Light as a perfect primer to get Guardians geared up and ready to face down The Witness in June.

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