Destiny 2 teases all Exotic class item combinations and how to get them in The Final Shape

Destiny 2 players had many questions about The Final Shape’s upcoming class items, and Bungie provided the answers through a lengthy blog post today. The recurring This Week in Destiny (TWID) post broke down all the possible combinations for each class, including a hint about their drop source.

The TWID outlined a full table of perks for each class, with similarities and differences among them. Each class item has two columns with eight rolls, so getting the perfect roll you want may be tricky.

Three guardians using Prismatic walk through the bowels of the Pale Heart.
You can’t use Prismatic class items for the first week, but they’ll be more than worth it. Image via Bungie

Luckily for guardians, Bungie teased their drop source in The Final Shape: a yet-unknown post-campaign activity that is farmable and awards a “guaranteed random roll each time you complete it,” the studio wrote. That activity will kick off in the expansion’s second week.

Getting your exact roll may be time-consuming, especially depending on the challenge level for the upcoming activity. Guardians have the solace of not facing time gates when trying to farm for class items, though, making it easier to obtain the class items they need.

Since these items vary based on class, you can’t use your Titan mark on your Hunter, requiring you to farm multiple copies of them for multiple classes if you want to make the most of them. Exotic class items only work with a Prismatic subclass equipped, too, so you can say goodbye to that Banner of War build with an Exotic class item.

Despite being featured in Destiny 1 on a much smaller scale, Exotic class items first came up as an official addition to Destiny 2 in the April 9 developer stream, which showcased a mix of traits from different Exotics and even different classes. Warlocks can get a taste of Titans’ Heart of Inmost Light and Hunters’ Star-Eater Scales, for instance. The broadcast also introduced fans to the upcoming Prismatic subclass.

Regular Exotic armor pieces don’t vary in their traits, and their RNG revolves around getting a roll with a satisfactory stat distribution. Since class items don’t have any stats, farming for them will revolve around perks rather than attributes.

The Final Shape lands on June 4, and Destiny 2 players can start tinkering with their Exotic class items after the expansion’s second week.

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