Destiny 2: The Final Shape will increase max Power level to 2,000

Destiny 2: The Final Shape will increase the Guardians’ max Power level to 2,000, Bungie announced today.

Not only that, but the Power floor will be increasing to 1,900, meaning everyone will start at that level once The Final Shape launches. The soft cap will be 1,940, which means players will only need to increase their Power by 40 to reach it. In previous expansions, it took 50 Power to do so.

Guardians walk down a scary hallway in Destiny 2: The Final Shape
Power up. Image via Bungie

“This change should allow New Lights enough time to get familiar with the core of Destiny’s Gear Power system before stepping into the broader game without holding them back,” Bungie said in this week’s blog post. “You can also easily achieve the Soft Cap by playing through either difficulty of The Final Shape campaign.”

The dev confirmed that completing The Final Shape’s campaign will reward an entire gear set of 1,960 Power, which is just five less than what the day one raid’s Contest Mode will take place at.

The Final Shape will also introduce something called Fireteam Power, which will allow players to group up with their friends who are way lower than them. The player with the highest Power level in the fireteam will become the Power Leader, and all other players will have their Power increased to just under five below them, evening the odds and the playing field in activities.

A controversial change, though, is that The Final Shape will also remove the Power limits from legacy gear. Items earned within the first couple of years of Destiny 2 have been Power-capped up to this point, meaning they can’t be used in Power-enabled activities. Many players began to dismantle their old items, but Bungie says it regrets that there’s no way to bring them back.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape and all of its Power changes will arrive on June 4.

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