Destiny 2 turned this Onslaught bug into a feature with the latest update

When Onslaught first launched in Destiny 2 with the Into the Light update on April 9, players quickly discovered that batteries meant to heal the ADU could also be thrown at damaged defenses and heal them. This bug has officially become a feature after the weekly reset on April 30.

“This week, we made some changes to the way ADU Batteries work in Onslaught. While looking to fix a bug where Batteries could heal defenses, we decided to keep the healing with a few balance tweaks: we buffed the healing factor and made healing consume the Battery,” the Destiny 2 developer shared on May 1.

Three guardians leap at a portal in Destiny 2's Onslaught activity.
Heading into the pyramid knowing all defenses are safe. Image via Bungie

According to the developer, this bug was an interesting mechanic and something worth analyzing to be a permanent addition to the game mode. From a player’s perspective, many also felt this bug should be a core part of Onslaught because they didn’t want to lose all the scrap invested into a maxed-out decoy just because a Tormentor decided to show up.

The developer added this was also a case of not making the Legend difficulty of Onslaught too trivial. The difficulty should matter in Legend level activities, and now there’s another strategic element to the game mode.

If you haven’t played Onslaught after the weekly reset yet, the battery disappears with a similar sound effect to ADU and has a blue glow that indicates the defense has been healed whenever you throw one at a damage defense. From now on, must consider what you want to spend your ADU batteries on instead of mindlessly throwing them into Shaxx’s face.

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