Destiny 2’s most fearsome Vex unit is getting more horrifying with Echoes Act 2 Battlegrounds

Wyverns are the Vex elite units that may make even the most experienced Destiny 2 guardians hesitate in fear. And they’re becoming even deadlier when Echoes’ Act Two is released next week—at least within the new activity.

Echoes’ Act Two is bringing three Battlegrounds missions as part of its story, and players may notice Wyverns are teleporting—though it’s not because of server lag. Wyverns can teleport within the new Battlegrounds missions, Bungie confirmed on a devstream today, though it’s unclear if the newfound ability will apply to them outside of the new Destiny 2 activities.

players attacking a red monster in destiny 2
Imagine that thing teleporting at you. Image via Bungie

“With the telling story of the Vex evolving and changing, I went ahead and modified an existing Wyvern,” senior activity designer Ryan Harris said on the Echoes Act Two livestream today, just before a joking apology. “You’ll engage with these Wyverns in pairs. They have a special new ability where they can teleport and dodge around you.”

“They certainly are an active threat in the battlefield and I wanted players to really be on the lookout for them and engage with them and prioritize them as that priority target when they are seen,” he added.

Some Vex enemies can already teleport, so thematically, it may not be a stretch to add that ability to Wyverns. This unit can be oppressive, however, especially when you’re faced with multiple of them together. The ability to teleport can also play out oddly thanks to Destiny 2‘s servers, which can already present issues with teleporting enemies and damage registration.

The deadlier Wyverns aren’t the only new threat in Echoes’ Act Two. Guardians can explore the narrative of the Conductor in three story-related Battlegrounds missions, with two coming on the week of July 16 and the final one on the week of July 23. Much like The Final Shape‘s campaign, these activities are slated to form a consecutive, cohesive storyline, with the next one beginning just where the previous mission ended.

Players can try out the new Battlegrounds once Act Two releases next Tuesday, July 16, though it’s unclear if they have to worry about teleporting Wyverns outside of them.

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