Destiny 2’s Prismatic subclass highlights just how weak one Super really is

It was hoped one of Destiny 2‘s least-powerful Supers would receive a new lease on life in The Final Shape, but not even Prismatic could save the Titan Arc Super Thundercrash, with fans demanding Bungie take another pass at the all-but-irrelevant ability.

The Thundercrash ability sees the Titan charge up Arc energy, then launch themselves directly at a group of enemies (or a boss) and explode, dealing “meteoric” levels of damage. Unfortunately, it’s been some time since any Destiny player has described this damage as even nicely “mediocre,” with a few recent nerfs and an overall shift away from close-quarter combat against bosses essentially neutering the Super. “Base Thundercrash is by far the weakest one-off Super in the entire game,” one fan declared on Reddit on June 16.

A Titan wears a Cuirass of the Falling Star chestplate in Destiny 2.
Without Cuirass, Thundercrash hits like a wet noodle. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The stats don’t lie; player testing has revealed your standard heavy hitters like Hunter’s Golden Gun and Warlock’s Nova Bomb far outpace Thundercrash for effective damage—and all from a safe distance. Meanwhile, Titans throw themselves directly into harm’s way and, without the use of a crutch Exotic like Cuirass of the Falling Star, and are almost immediately dying after the detonation to a response from a boss.

Prismatic hasn’t done much to assist this either, with little-to-no cohesion with the Thundercrash ability when compared to other Supers like the new Void Twilight Arsenal. Apart from landing a lucky roll on the Exotic class item for the Star-Eater Scales Super damage buff, Thundercrash without Cuirass simply isn’t cutting it in today’s meta of ranged DPS. “It’s already bad enough that you launch yourself to the enemy which is incredibly risky,” one player summarized. “It also has the longest cooldown in the game, the least damage, the most risk, and the longest execution time of any one-and-done.”

Many suggested fixes for the Thundercrash, such as bringing its total damage up to the level Cuirass provides and then adding flat damage bonus for using Cuirass. Others suggested giving Cuirass the “Pyrogale treatment” and adding a further element like a summoned lightning storm, or making it support-based and providing buffs to allies.

All of these suggestions are great on paper, but aim to fix Cuirass more than the base Destiny 2 Super itself, which we’ve seen nerfed (mainly due to PvP) and has actually been bugged for some time, as demonstrated by one player who physically couldn’t hit a boss with Thundercrash due to its impact prevention nerf in PvP.

Compounded with the fact Titans struggle to leave a mark in The Final Shape, many hope Bungie lines up a few buffs for the class as things settle post-expansion.

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