Diablo 4 players praise one major change for giving the game a new lease of life

Diablo 4 players have praised a major change introduced in the season four update for providing a new lease of life to the title.

Blizzard’s latest entry in the long-running series launched in June 2023 to great fanfare, but Diablo 4 has struggled to retain players in the long run despite introducing new seasonal content and big changes.

The Codex of Power showing several Tempering Recipes of different rarities.
The Codex of Power with Tempering Recipes. Screenshot by Dot Esports.

The latest season, the Season of Loot, doesn’t have as many big introductions to the title as previous seasons, which introduced the likes of Malignant Hearts and vampiric powers, but has provided plenty of quality-of-life updates.

Season four saw a major overhaul to the Code of Power, with players now able to upgrade an Aspect when it’s extracted and all Aspects now existing in the Codex of Power—significantly streamlining the feature.

A post on Reddit praised the change in Diablo 4, with the original poster saying it was a “great quality-of-life improvement” that altered Aspects away from being “incredibly time consuming and unfun,” capping it off by declaring Diablo 4 “gets better every season.”

Other players certainly agreed with the comments. The post received over 370 upvotes and attracted other praise, with one player saying it has “improved this game beyond measure.” Another added the overhaul was “really needed” as the previous system was “way too annoying.”

One player suggested Diablo 4 now “feels like” its predecessor, Diablo 3, with another following a similar route and questioning why the developers “thought it was a good idea to deviate” from a formula that worked well in the previous title.

Season four has certainly provided a huge boost to Diablo 4, with SteamDB showing May 19 saw a new all-time peak of over 29,000 concurrent players on the platform—numbers that don’t include other PC players using Battle.net or those on PC Game Pass.

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