Diablo 4’s season 4 delayed a month, PTR coming early April to allow for feedback

Diablo 4’s upcoming season four has been pushed back a month to make room for a public test realm (PTR) feedback period, Blizzard announced today.

In light of the announcement, Diablo 4‘s PTR will run from April 2 to 9 to allow for Blizzard to field feedback on upcoming changes for season four. This means season four will not begin until May.

Lilith with spread wings, surrounded by red in diablo 4
D is for Diablo, and also Delay. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

“Season three is gonna be extended, because we want to make sure we grab all the feedback from this PTR and all the feedback from the community and we have enough time to actually implement that for season four,” Diablo 4 community development director Adam Fletcher said on today’s Campfire Chat.

Season three’s end and season four’s beginning will both take place now on May 14, and all of the details about the new season will be coming alongside future updates. But the Campfire Chat detailed a slew of changes to the game’s classes and sweeping tweaks to itemization and endgame activities.

Next week will bring a huge blog including all of the big patch notes for season four, including the above changes announced during the Campfire Chat, so players can look forward to even more coming to the game to close out March.

For now, while season four won’t be happening as early as originally planned, players can take heart that they can get a taste of it on the PTR and also supply feedback to Blizzard to help make it the best it can be when it launches just over a month later.

Diablo 4 season 4 itemization changes
An example of the itemization changes coming in season four. Screenshot by Dot Esports

A separate new update for Diablo 4, including the addition of ray tracing, will be hitting the servers on March 26.

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