Dignitas Spica points to LoL player he wants to take down for ‘talking a lot of sh*t’

The North American League of Legends is back on June 15 with the beginning of the 2024 LCS Summer Split. A few teams changed their rosters, like Dignitas, who added Spica, and the jungler revealed he wants to defeat one particular player in the competition.

For Spica, signing with Dignitas marks a return to competition after a half-year hiatus. Previously, the Chinese League jungler was benched on FlyQuest, with which he spent a year and a half. During his latest break, the player was active in solo queue, which sparked his desire to take down Team Liquid’s mid laner, APA, for trash talking.

APA giving an interview at media day of MSI 2024.
Spica wants to silence APA on the competitive stage. Photo by Colin Young-Wolff via Riot Games

The 23-year-old revealed in an interview the two teams he’s eager to face the most, FlyQuest and Liquid. The reasoning behind wanting to take down the former is obvious, since it’s his previous organization who benched him last winter. But when it comes to Liquid, Spica’s arguments are more personal.

“APA has been talking a lot of shit in solo queue, and I want to put him in his place,” Spica said in an interview with Sheep Esports.

Spica didn’t spare Liquid from any of his own trash talk as well, adding heat to the rivalry. “I think the reason TL won last year was because the league was in a bad place,” he added. “So, I want to prove my point, back up my shit-talking, beat them, and show that they’re not good—they just got lucky, they’re bad but lucky. I want to back it up.”

In his five-year-old career in the LCS at this point, Spica was never one to back off from trash talking and being loud on social media. With his latest comments about Liquid and FlyQuest, the competition might just receive a much-needed heated rivalry that could potentially boost its viewership ahead of its 2025 changes.

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