Disguised enters fighting games with a Tekken gamble and Chipotle’s backing

After multiple teases from DisguisedToast about potential entries into a fighting game-adjacent title, his team finally pulled the trigger. Backed by Chipotle, Disguised is now fielding a Tekken player in Phi “PhiDX” Lam.

PhiDX might not be the biggest name in Tekken, but he is one fans will recognize as a player who consistently shows up and performs at every event he is able to. Since he got his big start at the end of 2020, that meant entering dozens of online Tekken 7 tournaments and finishing mostly in the top eight leading into Tekken 8.

PhiDX being welcomed to DSG.
A solid pickup for a creator-run org. Screenshot via Disguised

During his T7 era under Paragon, Phi’s online success never truly translated into offline performance, though he still finished 17th at CEO in 2021 and 2022. Toward the end of 2022, his name started popping up more, taking fourth at Kumite In Tennessee 2022: The Finale heading into qualifiers for the Tekken World Tour Finals. From there, 2023 was a year of online and offline improvement, with a fifth-place CEO 2023 finish, his first Evo appearance, and a third-place run at the TWT Finals LCQ under his belt.

So far, he’s been back to his online ways in Tekken 8, but thanks to DSG and Chipotle, it looks like he will be attending more in-person events than ever in 2024. DSG will continue supporting him on his content grind, which might be where most fans know him from, as his goal has always been to “bring as many people into Tekken” as possible. Sure, this means LilyPichu and her rising Tekken skills got sidelined, but DSG did nab a rising star.

As for Chipotle, it’s not only is the company a founding partner for DSG but it also has deep ties to the FGC. Over the last several years, the international restaurant chain has become the title sponsor for Evo, partnered with multiple organizers and PlayStation to sponsor other events, and also just picked up the FGC everyman Sajam as a partner too—turning fighting games into a different kind of buffet.

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