Does Once Human have PvP?

The post-apocalyptic world of Once Human is incredibly vast and dangerous, which means you might want to team up or fight against fellow players as you navigate through the experience. This likely has you wondering if PvP is an option.

Being able to play with other players allow you to go through the in-game content faster, but there will come a time when you might want to fight against users to see who is the better player. Here’s what you need to know about whether Once Human is PvP.

Is Once Human PvP or PvE?

Four players running together in Once Human.
Traverse the world with friends or fight them instead. Image via Starry Studio

Yes, Once Human does have PvP regardless of the type of server you choose to set up. Although PvP is technically featured in all servers you make, the way it functions varies drastically depending on whether you choose a PvP or PvE server.

  • PvP servers are what the devs call the “fullest gameplay experience.” In this type of server, Chaos State players can strike you at any time as long as you are above level 10, regardless of whether other players are in the Chaos state or not. You can also challenge other teams and battle to take control of Beacon Areas.
  • PvE servers are for those who are more interested in the dungeon and exploration elements. In this type of server, Chaos players only attack fellow players in the Chaos state and their buildings. This means all non-Chaos players are immune to PvP damage outside of this state. PvP is more optional for the most part if you want to avoid it.

Should you choose a PvP or PvE server in Once Human?

Overall, you’ll want to choose a PvP server if you’re looking for a chaotic and PvP-oriented experience, while the PvE server is for players who want a more relaxed time. Chaos will ensue no matter what, but the PvP server is the place to be for the ultimate fighting experience.

Regardless of which one you choose, it’s important to know that data cannot be transferred between servers. All of the data you set up in each game in Once Human is exclusively tied to the server you create it on.

This means if you want to play with friends on a different server, you have to restart from scratch with a new character. You can always go back to your past servers, but you cannot move the data from them elsewhere.

Human players sneaking behind Stardust aliens in Once Human.
Fighting friends can be fun, but teaming up against enemies is more helpful. Image via Starry Studio

Can you turn off PvP in Once Human?

No, you can’t turn off PvP in Once Human if you’re in a PvP server. If you’d like to avoid PvP content in Once Human, your best option will be playing in a PvE server where the rules of PvP are different. Unless you willingly enter the Chaos State in a PvE server, you’ll remain exempt from PvP.

Entering to Chaos State in Once Human requires players to press and hold P, or collect an Echo Stone. Players who wish to remain PvE should avoid these two actions. In PvE servers, it’s common to find players, challenging others to duels, so there might come a time when you might need to finally press that button.

Now that you know PvP is present, you may be wondering whether controller support is an option so you can gain better mastery over the Once Human controls before you charge into battle against other players. Doing PvP may also cause you to use excessive resources, so you should also keep an eye on Once Human codes to get various free items alongside cosmetics.

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