Don’t Starve Together – How To Make Meatballs In DST

Food, glorious food! It’s the fuel that keeps us going, the comfort we seek after a long day, and why we have to buy new pants every year. In Don’t Starve Together, food is critical, so knowing how to whip up Meatballs can mean the difference between life and death.

Don’t Starve Together is all about gathering resources but, most importantly, finding something edible before you become a skeleton with a funky hat. And nothing beats the life-saving power of Meatballs.

Meatball recipe in Don’t Starve Together

Don't Starve Together - How to make Meatballs in DST
it’s simple and delicious. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To successfully prepare Meatballs in Don’t Starve Together, you need one unit of meat and three fillers.

Meat comes in various forms, including but not limited to Morsels, Monster Meat, Meat, and Frog Legs. Each has a different meat value, but for Meatballs, any small amount suffices. Monster Meat is particularly notable because, despite its negative effects when consumed raw or cooked alone, it becomes perfectly safe and beneficial when used in recipes like Meatballs.

Almost any edible item can serve as a filler. Popular choices include Berries, Carrots, Mushrooms, and even Ice (which is especially useful in winter). However, these come from farming, which requires seeds and a farm plot. At the same time, avoid using Twigs as a filler, except in recipes specifically calling for them. In the case of Meatballs, adding a Twig will turn your hopeful dish into Wet Goop, an inedible mistake.

These Meatballs restore 62.5 hunger points, making them one of the most effective dishes relative to their ingredient cost. Here are some specific combinations that work to create Meatballs in DST.

  • One Monster Meat + three Berries: Utilizes common resources efficiently, transforming potentially harmful Monster Meat into a nourishing meal. 
  • One Morsel + three Ice: Perfect for winter seasons when Ice is plentiful. It’s a survivalist’s dream to turn abundant, non-nutritive Ice into a hearty meal. 
  • One Meat + three Carrots: A straightforward, often readily available option if you’ve been hunting or farming. 
  • One Frog Legs + three Mushrooms: A great use of varied ingredients collected from different activities like foraging and combat.

How to craft Meatballs in Don’t Starve Together

Don't Starve Together meatballs guide
The cooking begins! Screenshot by Dot Esports

Gather your chosen meat and fillers. Remember, the beauty of Meatballs lies in their flexibility, so use what you have in abundance. If you haven’t already, build a Crock Pot. This requires three Cut Stones, six Charcoal, and six Twigs. It’s an essential structure for cooking complex recipes in DST. Now place your meat and fillers into the Crock Pot. The order doesn’t matter—what’s important is the balance of ingredients to avoid crafting an unintended recipe.

Activate the Crock Pot and wait for about 10 seconds of in-game time. You’ll see the pot begin to shake and steam, a sign that your meal is nearly ready. Once the cooking animation stops, your Meatballs are ready to be collected. They will appear steaming hot and inviting atop the Crock Pot.

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