Edge Transit god roll and best perks in Destiny 2

Edge Transit used to be a weapon notorious in Destiny 2 for dropping too much and never being good enough to merit the high drop rate. But in Into The Light, Edge Transit’s returned with one of the best perk pools for a heavy grenade launcher available today.

Heavy grenade launchers in general have seen something of a renaissance over the course of Season of the Wish, and the BRAVE arsenal version of Edge Transit is at the forefront of this new meta. It’s packed with incredible options like Cascade Point in the third column or Bait and Switch in the fourth, which all come together to craft fantastic god rolls for both crowd control and single-target damage in Destiny 2‘s PvE.

While the return of notorious weaponry such as The Recluse or Blast Furnace are bound to be head-turners, Edge Transit shouldn’t be overlooked. If you’re still lacking a good heavy grenade launcher in your arsenal, it’s especially worth your time to jump into rounds of Onslaught and farm for a good drop.

Here’s our recommendations for an Edge Transit god roll, as well as some of the best alternative perks to keep an eye out for as you explore Into The Light.

What is the Edge Transit god roll in Destiny 2?

The Edge Transit grenade launcher from Destiny 2.
There’s no shortage of excellent perks available on the new Edge Transit. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Edge Transit PvE god roll

  • First perk: Cascade Point or Chain Reaction
  • Second perk: Bait and Switch or Destabilizing Rounds
  • Masterwork: Handling

Edge Transit PvP god roll

  • First perk: Impulse Amplifier
  • Second perk: Full Court
  • Masterwork: Handling

In PvE, the god roll for Edge Transit we recommend is Cascade Point paired with Bait and Switch. This isn’t a combination you’re going to be able to get anywhere else, and if set up correctly, provides an incredible amount of damage-per-second thanks to the fire rate and damage buffs working in tandem.

Of course, going down this path will mean Edge Transit burns through its ammo reserves in record time. If you want something that conserves ammo a little better, a more traditional boss damage god roll like Envious Assassin or Field Prep with Bait and Switch or Explosive Light can still be effective.

You can even pull back from focusing on single-target damage entirely, and go for an Edge Transit with Chain Reaction and Destabilizing Rounds. This is just as unique as the Cascade Point roll, and according to Bungie, “provides some of the most potent add clear” in Destiny 2.

While a PvP god roll won’t be most player’s first port of call for a heavy grenade launcher like Edge Transit, the archetype is still great in competitive modes like Trials of Osiris. For the Crucible, we recommend running Impulse Amplifier alongside a neutral damage perk like Full Court.

Using a heavy grenade launcher in PvP is all about being able to quickly confirm damage and kills, so a dramatic bump to the velocity of your grenades courtesy of Impulse Amplifier is a no-brainer. All three classes have a plethora of mobility options available to them; if your shots have too much of a travel time, an opponent has a window of opportunity to dodge the majority of the damage. Full Court has great synergy here, since it increases the damage of each shot based on the distance travelled, making it easier to confirm kills at long range.

How to get Edge Transit in Destiny 2

An image showing the 12 weapons that will be reissued with Into the Light, including some of Destiny's most classic weapons.
Prepare to grind out a ton of the new Onslaught activity. Image via Bungie

Edge Transit is available in Destiny 2: Into The Light as part of the new BRAVE arsenal introduced on April 9. To earn your first drop of the grenade launcher, you’ll need to complete its respective quest, which is available from Arcite 99-40 in the Hall of Champions. After completing the quest, you can farm for additional rolls via the Onslaught activity, as well as attune to the weapon within the Hall of Champions to increase its drop rate.

The weapon is exclusive to Into The Light’s activity and rewards system, which will continue to be available after The Final Shape launches in June. However, limited-edition drops of Edge Transit can be earned between April 9 and the release on June 4, which come with a unique ornament and the potential for double perks in the third and fourth column. After the expansion comes out, players will also gain the ability to retroactively enhance any Edge Transit drop they have, granting access to enhanced versions of the perks.

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