‘F—k the echoes’: Diablo 4 players love The Pit but agree echoes really need changes

The Pit of Artificers is one of the very best endgame features added to Diablo 4 in the major Season Four update, but even with how fun and challenging the echoes have been, there’s still room for improvement—especially, some players are claiming, when it comes to visibility and one-shot mechanics.

As you progress through the levels of the Pit, you will encounter new dangers, various mobs, some of which consist of elites, and echoes of past bosses like Lilith and the Tomb Lord. It’s more than a challenge to defeat them and the boss of the Pit simultaneously. While it’s doable, players agree that the one-shot mechanics need to be “tuned” and the visibility of the echoes attacks (as well as the echoes themselves) need to be improved at the higher levels because they’re basically, as some players have put it, “shadowy and transparent.”

A horned woman with wings holding a staff on steps in Diablo 4
She comes out of nowhere. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Players in the higher levels of the Pit know there will be one-shot mechanics or elite mobs, but it’s the fact the echoes and their abilities are hard to see that’s tough to counter. For many players, this “just ruins” what would be a near-perfect mode. Now, you can adjust your brightness and shadows, but even that’s sometimes not enough, which makes dying to them all the more frustrating.

It’s not just the invisible echoes that can one-shot you either; it’s also the elites and random monsters in the higher tiers that can deal serious damage you need to watch for. You can mitigate this incoming damage by increasing your armor to 9,230, which is the new max armor cap in season four, maxing all your elemental resistances to 70 percent and getting those Greater Affixes on your gear. However, there’s not much you can do when an echo like Lilith appears, and she, as one player laments, “devours your soul before you can press anything.” Even if players were left with a smidgen of health or a way to counteract these one-shots, it would be a vast improvement on the current state.

Until Blizzard releases a Diablo 4 patch or hotfix that improves these echo issues, all we can do is buff our armor, resistances, brightness, and reaction times and pray these very brutal (and still very fun) endgame activities get easier.

But with my boomer reflexes, I’ll be hoping for some changes.

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