Fans dub Marvel Rivals the ‘Overwatch killer’ after just one teaser trailer

It only took one Marvel Rivals trailer for fans to deem it the “Overwatch killer,” and rightfully so. The game shares many similarities with Overwatch 2 yet seems different enough to potentially contest the hero shooter giant.

The teaser trailer for Marvel Rivals went live on March 27 and showed us a glimpse of what to expect in the upcoming 6-vs-6 hero shooter, and fans on social media already believe it will take down its seemingly direct competitor, Overwatch 2. “Is Marvel Rivals the Overwatch killer? WELL YES!,” an X user named Bryce wrote. “Marvel Rivals is the actual Overwatch 2, prove me wrong LOL,” wrote another user.

Heroes from Marvel Rivals.
A wide roster of characters to choose from. Image via Marvel

The similarities between the two games can’t be ignored. They look so similar a Reddit post on March 27 from a rumored Marvel Rival‘s alpha tester says the game is a “straight up overwatch clone,” adding that the art style, game design, and everything else feels like an Overwatch knockoff.

This may sound discouraging, but fans in the comments reacted fairly positively to this information. “It may be 5 years too late to enter the market… But Overwatch 2 has no longer a reason to exist after canceling its PVE campaign to me,” one person wrote and others added they’re willing to give Marvel Rivals a shot.

Despite looking like an Overwatch knockoff, Marvel Rivals seemingly has multiple unique features that differentiate the game from its rivals (pun intended), from combo abilities with certain characters on your team to third-person gameplay and destructible environments. Moreover, the game reportedly has a “robust post-launch roadmap,” making it even more exciting to see what’s in store for fans.

Still, whether Marvel Rivals will truly be the Overwatch 2 killer remains to be seen. There’s no information regarding the release date of the game just yet but with the next closed alpha test taking place in May, we might see new information surface very soon.

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