FFXIV fans can get a big, chocolate moss monster mount as part of the Twitch Viewer Rewards Campaign

In celebration of the Dawntrail launch, Final Fantasy XIV is collaborating with Twitch to offer players the Chocorpokkur mount as part of the Twitch Viewer Rewards Campaign starting on July 2. 

Longtime players might recognize this literal ball of fuzzy chocolate from previous collaboration campaigns in Japan and North America. This time, players from all across the world will be able to grab the loveable Chocorpokkur by tuning into FFXIV: Dawntrail streams that have the “Viewer Reward” tag. 

The campaign works similarly to other Twitch Drop promotions: By accumulating enough hours watching eligible streams, players will be able to unlock codes for in-game rewards. The items on offer include: 

  • One hour: 10 Buttery Mogbiscuit and Fat Choco Choco EXP boost meal sets
  • Three hours: 10 Aetheryte Tickets
  • Six hours: The Chocorpokkur Whistle

Before you start watching, you’ll need to make sure you’re logged into your Twitch account in order to start accumulating hours. Item codes will be rewarded through your Twitch notifications once you’ve watched enough hours, and can be entered into your Mogstation account for in-game delivery. 

A stream must have the “Viewer Reward” tag as well as the Final Fantasy XIV Online category set in order to qualify for the campaign. Additionally, streams played in background or inactive tabs will not add any time to your hours watched. While any Twitch account can earn reward codes, only FFXIV accounts with active subscriptions will be able to register the codes—if you’re on the Free Trial or taking a subscription hiatus, you’ll need to buy the full game and reactivate your game time. 

However, the codes have no expiry date, so you’ll be able to earn them now before they’re gone and register them once your account becomes eligible once again. Starting and ending at 3am CT, the campaign runs from July 2—the official launch of Dawntrail—to July 29. 

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