Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth update accidentally breaks platinum trophy

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth patch 1.02 introduced a bug that prevents you from progressing a certain quest. At the time of writing, it’s impossible to finish the quest, so the platinum trophy is currently unobtainable.

Reddit user A0704 reported the bug in question, explaining they were unable to complete the Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop quest in FF7 Rebirth. The quest involves completing six mini-games in which Cloud competes for the title of Ultimate Party Animal. One of the mini-games is the G-bike race on expert mode. While this is normally the easiest of the six mini-games, after patch 1.02, the game refuses to register progress after completion. 

Cloud is riding a G-bike while fighting a Shinra Trooper
This mini-game is bugged as of patch 1.02. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You need to finish the Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop quest to earn the My Job Here is Done trophy, which is, naturally, needed for the platinum trophy. If you’re working toward the platinum trophy in FF7 Rebirth, you may want to wait for a hotfix unless you’ve already obtained the My Job Here is Done trophy prior to the patch. Alternatively, you could hold off on installing the patch if you haven’t already.

Given how expansive FF7 Rebirth is and how long it takes to unlock the Platinum trophy, it’s easy to imagine this bug might cause users quite a bit of trouble. Then again, given that FF7 Rebirth launched in a good state to glowing reviews, we are confident it’s only a matter of time before Square Enix releases a hotfix.

Until then, try to stay away from the bugged quest.

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