FNC Noah says he had panic attacks during MSI 2024, vows to delete social media

On May 19, Gen.G hoisted the Mid-Season Invitational 2024 trophy after defeating Bilibili Gaming. Two European teams, Fnatic and G2 Esports, participated in the tournament, but the former’s AD carry had a few issues during the event.

Fnatic advanced to the Bracket Stage where they were disqualified after losses to Gen.G and Team Liquid. Their ADC, Noah, didn’t play his best in Chengdu, and revealed he cared too much about others’ opinions. This led to him having panic attacks during games, which encouraged him to delete social media, the player revealed on May 20 on X.

Noah admitted he read too many opinions about himself from people on social media. “I performed very poorly in this competition and disappointed many people. […] I was greatly influenced by the opinions and evaluations of people who were not related to me,” Noah wrote.

Fnatic bowing on MSI 2024 stage.
Fnatic bowed out of the tournament early. Photo by Liu YiCun via Riot Games

This led to Noah having issues during games at MSI 2024, most notably panic attacks. “I didn’t believe in myself and started to push and pressure myself with worries about the future that had not yet happened, which eventually led to panic attacks during the series.”

Because of this, he decided to delete his social media accounts until the end of the competitive season, so he can focus on himself and the people around him—most likely his teammates and Fnatic staff. “From now until my last game of the year, I will delete all social media and communities and focus only on myself and the people around me,” Noah said.

We’re sorry to hear Noah had to experience this, but, unfortunately, we’re not surprised. The League of Legends community is often very harsh toward the players. Numerous pros claim to have been influenced by opinions on social media in the past. Being only 22 years old and a starting player in a main region for almost a year now, it’s all but surprising to see Noah struggling with online comments.

Luckily, it’s not all bad, as multiple fans are already showing support for Noah. The player and Fnatic will return with the start of the 2024 LEC Summer Split, where they will fight for a domestic trophy and the chance to qualify for the Season Finals, and eventually Worlds.

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