Fortnite might be getting a Kingdom Hearts crossover, according to a prominent leaker

Kingdom Hearts fans could be in for a treat. A prominent leaker is claiming the series could cross over with Fortnite in the future, as long as discussions continue as planned.

Not much is known about the proposed rumor, but if we had to guess, we imagine Sora and even Riku from Kingdom Hearts could appear as playable Fortnite characters if it turns out to be true.

The leak came from Midori on Twitter when he replied to a post on May 21. Midori is social media leaker who successfully leaked several SEGA/Atlus projects in the past, including news about the Persona series. Even though Midori is usually a reliable leaker, we should take the news with a pinch of salt until Epic Games, Disney, or Square Enix officially confirms the information.

Midori’s supposed Kingdom Hearts leaks didn’t stop there, and he even went as far as saying the Kingdom Hearts series, including the future Kingdom Hearts 4, is coming to the Nintendo Switch 2. Midori also gave brief details about KH4, saying it might have a few online features and looks vastly different to how it did in its initial reveal trailer in 2022.

A Kingdom Hearts x Fortnite crossover would make sense. For the longest time, the Kingdom Hearts series on PC was only available on the Epic Games Store before it was eventually released on Steam. Also, Disney has invested heavily in Epic Games and plans to start working on a Fortnite-style universe for its IPs.

Still, nothing is confirmed yet, and we will need to wait for an official reveal or announcement before we get our hopes up.

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