Fortnite player pairs Dirt Bikes and new Avatar mythic item to score style points and kills galore

Fortnite players have mixed opinions about the newly added Avatar-themed Mythic items, but one crafty player showcased just how powerful these items can be after combining them with Dirt Bikes to gain an advantage in the matches. 

The Fortnite player shared the combo in a clip posted to the game’s subreddit on April 27 where they united the powers of the Earthbending Mythic item, the Dirt Bike, and their immaculate aim to decimate Fortnite lobbies. The player drives the vehicle toward the general direction of an enemy and then uses the Rock Wall ability to get an “instant jump.” The elevation will make it difficult for the enemy to aim at you as you will most likely catch them by surprise. You can then connect your shots from range and finish them off in style.

Fornite players using Earthbending mythic to fly up in the sky.
Earthbending can be very useful in boosting your vehicles. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Other players also claimed the mechanic also works if you’re sitting in the passenger seat of a four-wheeler and use it to gain elevation and often make your map rotations easier, while the clip also shows the player using the shield ability while riding around meaning tons of combinations are possible while on the move.

Aiming your shots from the air is surprisingly easy in Fortnite. Normally in a shooter, your aim is wildly inaccurate when shooting while mid-air, but from a vehicle while flying? Easy as. To find the best results, stick to handguns and find those crisp headshots to finish your enemies before touching the ground. Remember to take control of your vehicle to land it safely and quickly finish the job if you can’t land your initial shots. 

The Earthbending Mythic item can be obtained from one of the Elemental Shrines on the map, and it is usually seen as a versatile Mythic item. It has both an offensive and defensive capability, which makes it a decent choice to make it a part of your loadout. However, it can also be used as a tool for mobility while riding a Dirt Bike.

You can also approach many hireable NPCs on the Fortnite map and get their services for the match to get even better results, as you can focus entirely on driving the vehicle and your NPC can take care of the enemy.

In the meantime, I’d keep an RPG on hand just in case Aang decides to style on you from the back of a dirt bike—you won’t want to fall victim to this combo!

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