Fortnite’s latest patch nerfs a powerful weapon—and it’s divided players

Fortnite players witnessed a substantial v29.10 update being added to the game on March 26. While it brought a lot of fresh features to LEGO Fortnite, it also introduced some changes to Battle Royale, including a nerf to the Reaper Sniper, which has divided the community.

The Reaper Sniper no longer drops as an Uncommon or Rare weapon. It’s also now rarer to find in Epic and Legendary rarities, according to HYPEX, which is a huge nerf, especially considering its immense popularity in recent weeks. While a lot of players love the change, there are also as many (if not more) people who hate the tweak.

Fortnite young adult Groot skin
Besides the Reaper changes, the game has also seen new skins, including Guardians of the Galaxy ones. Screenshot via HYPEX YouTube

“LOL Thank god. Now I can play Zero Build in peace,” one Twitter/X user wrote. “They ARE listening,” another one added. These comments are a few of many who claim this change was needed and requested by the community.

But not everyone is so fond of the Reaper Sniper change in Fortnite. “Yet again something we never asked for,” one user replied. “They ruin one thing that made me like this chapter,” another wrote. In fact, one X user named Clappa created a poll in the replies to HYPEX, where they asked whether it’s a W (win) or L (loss). At time of writing, over 3,600 users have taken part in the voting, with 38.8 percent claiming it’s a great change and 51.8 voting against it. The remaining users just wanted to see the results of the poll with the third option.

We’ll have to wait and see whether this change is beneficial for Fortnite’s gameplay or if the community will want it reverted. Essentially, though, it’s not the only addition to the Battle Royale mode, so players will have to play a bit and test them all before making a verdict on the March 26 update. But with Kratos potentially making a return, it seems like a more than welcome patch overall.

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