Fortnite’s popular Swamp Knight skin is finally back and it’s super cheap

Fortnite’s lore harkens all the way back to Save the World, with the mode boasting many of its own popular characters—one of which, Swamp Knight, is now finally back in the battle royale store.

This week sees the return of Swamp Knight alongside several new quests and challenges, with the ever-popular Save the World skin available for 800 V-Bucks.

Swamp Knight is available on Fortnite store. Image via Dotesports
Swamp Knight is available on Fortnite store. Image via Dot Esports

Loyal Fortnite fans always love when Epic Games dips into the franchise’s older mythology, especially when it comes to Swamp Knight; the mysterious character is considered a hero in the battle royale community, not least because of the abilities it boasted in the original wave-defense game in 2019. The now-vintage character had two abilities, with his most iconic perk being a passive that gave players the ability to shoot suppressing fire and helped them easily defeat Mist monsters.

On top of that, Fortnite fans love the character because it’s impossible to see his face, no matter how many times you move the Swamp Knight model.

This iconic skin has not been available in the Fortnite store since November 2023, and Epic is celebrating its long-awaited return with a little something extra too; Swamp Knight is also getting a spectacular new LEGO skin.

The Fortnite fandom has, unsurprisingly, already started celebrating Swamp Knight’s reappearance on May 14, with many pointing out the super cheap price is just icing on the cake. “Absolutely incredible skin for only 800 V-Bucks” one wrote on Reddit after the cosmetic’s return was confirmed.

Looking beyond the return of Swamp Knight, well-known insider HYPEX has teased the content of the next big update for the Epic title, with Fortnite Chapter Five, season three now expected to go live on May 24. These leaks suggest the update may include major collaborations with Metallica, Fall Guys, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

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