FromSoftware might be working on Armored Core sequel or DLC, job listing suggests

Armored Core 6 wasn’t FromSoftware’s biggest game, but it still managed to snag Best Action Game at last year’s Game Awards. That seems to have been enough to warrant a sequel or DLC, as a job listing suggests the company is working on a new Armored Core project.

First spotted by cindiestarlight on the Tech4Gamers forum, the job listing was posted on FromSoftware’s “Careers” website, where the company is looking for a Character Modeler for “modeling and texturing characters or robots,” among other things. Of course, this is a vague listing that could mean a lot, and though we don’t have a definitive answer as to what exactly FromSoftware is making, the “robots” in question seem to point at a potential Armored Core 7 or a DLC for last year’s Armored Core 6.

Mecha close up image in Armored Core VI trailer
Armored Core 6 was one of FromSoftware’s best games to date. Screenshot by Dot Esports

All the way back in September 2023, prominent YouTuber and datamining expert for FromSoftware’s games, Zullie the Witch, found mentions of a DLC in Armored Core 6’s files. The creator explained how “each numbered AC game has had a linked sequel you could port your progress into,” they explained, adding that AC4 and AC: For Answer featured such a system. However, from what they could gather from the files, it appeared as though FromSoftware was planning to go down the DLC route instead, which could make sense given their track record in the past decade and a half.

Every single one of FromSoftware’s games since Hidetaka Miyazaki took over has featured a DLC, except for Demon’s Souls and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The latter DLC’s development might have been hindered by Elden Ring kicking off following its launch. Some even had several full-length expansions: Dark Souls 2 got three of them, while Dark Souls 3 had two. Elden Ring recently received what might as well be a whole new game.

With development seemingly pausing on the massive title and Miyazaki saying FromSoftware likely won’t undertake a project of that size again (thanks, PC Gamer), it makes sense a DLC for the award-winning Armored Core 6 could be in the making alongside some other, smaller projects fronted by directors other than Big M himself.

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