Genshin Impact Sigewinne leaks: Release date, abilities, rarity and more

The waters of Fontaine can sometimes be dangerous, and danger also brings injuries. But fear not: Our sweet and kind Melusine is coming to treat anyone’s wounds. 

Sigewinne is an upcoming head nurse of the Fortress of Meropide in Genshin Impact, and here is everything you need to know about her, including her release date, abilities, rarity, and more.

Do note: According to the leaker on Reddit, the information that is datamined is still subject to change.

Who is Sigewinne in Genshin Impact?

Deep in the waters of Fontaine lies the fortress of Meropide.
The Fortress of Meropide is an underwater prison. Image via HoYoverse

Sigewinne is a highly anticipated character from the roster of Fontaine who was introduced for the first time in Genshin’s 4.1 version. She belongs to a unique race of Fontaine, the Melusines, but is currently working as a head nurse in the Fortress of Meropide. Possessing a special body of a Melusine, it’s only right to assume that she is very powerful. 

Sigewinne release date in Genshin Impact

Sigewinne is supposed to be released in the upcoming 4.7 version of Genshin Impact. She was already officially announced on Genshin’s X, formerly Twitter, where her splash art was posted. Considering that Clorinde is also releasing in Patch 4.7, we still don’t know in which phase Sigewinne will be released, so we’ll just have to wait to find out.

Patch 4.7 is expected to arrive on June 5.

Sigewinne rarity and element in Genshin Impact

Furina the Hydro archon burns the paper.
Furina is the Hydro archon, but also an actress. Image via HoYoverse

While the region of Hydro, Fontaine introduced a ton of new characters with interesting playstyles, Sigewinne was saved for the later versions. According to the leaks, Sigewinne will be added to the Fontaine roster as a new five-star Hydro character. This will make Sigewinne a third Hydro character of the Fontaine nation, next to Neuvillete and Furina.

Sigewinne weapon and abilities in Genshin Impact

Yelan using her bow and Hydro powers during combat.
Yelan is one of the best bow users in the game. Image via HoYoverse

According to the leaks, Sigewinne will be a bow user who scales with health and excels at Bond of life mechanics. Considering that her element is Hydro, she’s most likely to be a new healer with off-field damage capabilities. Here is everything you need to know about her kit, talents and abilities:

  • Basic attack: Performs up to five ranged, basic attacks that deal physical damage. Charging an attack will make Sigewinne deal Hydro damage upon release.
  • Elemental Skill: Her Elemental skill has an 18-second cooldown. By pressing the skill, Sigewinne throws a bouncing water ball that hits enemies within range, dealing damage based on her maximum health. Upon hitting, it heals all party members except Sigewinne, however after bouncing five times, the water ball disappears and heals Sigewinne based on her health. By holding the skill, Sigewinne releases a bigger and more powerful water ball in the direction you aim, completely immobilizing enemies. Additionally, by using her Elemental Skill, the ball leaves “Sourcewater Droplets” on the ground, which can be picked up by party members. For every Droplet, Sginewinne gains a bond equal to ten percent of her maximum health. 
  • Elemental Burst: The cooldown of her Elemental Burst is 18 seconds, and it costs 70 energy. By taking out her giant needle gun and spraying her enemies with water, Siigewinne’s Elemental Burst deals Hydro area of effect damage for two and a half seconds. During the burst ability, she absorbs up to two nearby “Sourcewater Droplets.”
  • First Talent: When using her Elemental Skill, Sigewinne is granted a “Semi-Forced Rest” buff, which lasts for 18 seconds. With this buff, Sigewinne gains an eight percent Hydro damage bonus that stacks up to ten times. For characters who are in Sigewinne’s party, by using their Elemental Skills, they consume one stack of “Semi-Forced Rest,” which enhances their damage. Additionally, for every 1,000 points of Sigewinne’s health exceeding 30,000, it increases the enhancement by 65 points, up to a maximum of 1,800 base area. 
  • Second Talent: Sigewinne receives a healing bonus based on the total Bond of life points of all her party members. She gets a three percent healing bonus for every 1000 points that can stack up to 30 percent.
  • Third Talent: While doing the underwater exploration in Fontaine, when the health of the currently active character drops below 50 percent, they are healed in the next ten seconds. This effect can occur once every 20 seconds.

It’s safe to say that Fontaine has been releasing fantastic characters, and it seems that Sigewinne won’t be any less amazing. While we already have plenty of main damage dealers and utility supports, a character that can provide massive heals and deal damage is something extremely valuable. 

Sigewinne Constellations in Genshin Impact

For those of you who are ready to make an extra “splash” with your future Melusine, here is everything you need to know about her Constellations and how they affect her kit:

  • C1: Her Elemental Skill now has an additional three bounces. and the first three bounces do not reduce the size of the water ball.
  • C2: Upon using her Elemental Skill or Burst, Sigewinne gets an absorption shield equal to her 30 percent of the maximum health, and it reduces the enemy’s Hydro resistance by 35 percent.
  • C3: Increases the level of her Elemental Skill by three.
  • C4: Increases the duration of her Elemental Burst by an extra three seconds.
  • C5: Increases the level of her Elemental Burst by three.
  • C6: For every 1,000 health, Sigewinnes gets increased Critical Damage and Critical Rate that lasts for 20 seconds. Additionally, her Elemental Burst gains 20 percent Critical Rate and 110 percent Critical Damage.

While Sigewinne seems pretty powerful even without Constellations, her C2 and C6 turn her into an unstoppable juggernaut. which allows you to even play her as a quick swap damage dealer. Her C1 is a very nice quality of life change to her Elemental Skill which can potentially require longer rotations with her team. Either way, Sigewinne seems to be a very powerful support that can make your account much stronger.

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