‘Google Maps collab’: CoD fans convinced real-life map plan would save franchise

If you’re among the many Call of Duty fans worried about the franchise’s downfall, one player’s idea to improve how we play popular modes is sure to hype you up.

In a popular X (formerly Twitter) thread, a CoD player named Luke shared an interesting suggestion to make the experience closer to real life—and the community couldn’t agree enough. “Call of Duty should collab with google maps and let players design maps around their own neighborhoods,” their tweet reads. “6v6 Search & Destroy in your local boozer would revive the franchise entirely.”

Players fire weapons at each other on Rust, a desert-like map in Call of Duty.
Dev-made maps are great, but what about some real-life community maps? Image via Activision

Adding more context, Luke suggests introducing a community voting system in CoD, letting players vote for the community-designed maps they want to see in the multiplayer playlist. Most players in the replies agreed being able to shoot down enemies at familiar real-life places is a “great idea.” It’d surely boost the franchise’s popularity, even though it wouldn’t exactly fix the game’s the existing flaws. 

“Might be the best idea in the history of ever,” one tweet reply reads, while a player suggested two slightly disturbing, yet seemingly fun scenarios: “Imagine the chaos of a sniper battle in your neighbor’s backyard, or a stealth mission through the grocery store.” Amid nods to the idea, a player suggested not everyone would be happy with it. “this sounds really fun but scary at the same time,” their tweet reads.

Another player noted that they could see the idea getting some shape considering “Call of Duty (Activision) is now owned by Microsoft.” “Microsoft runs Bing Maps which powers Flight Simulator. I see the vision,” their tweet shared.

The idea of incorporating real-life maps into Call of Duty to create levels based on real locations seems great at first thought, but it could be a double-edged sword. Your local park and store are supposed to be safe places, but turning them into shooting grounds might not sit well with the playerbase, especially for parents and younger players.

Whether Activision will take this promising (yet outlandish) idea and make it a reality is yet to be seen.

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