GTA 6’s 2025 release date in jeopardy following new development concerns

Rockstar Games fears GTA 6 might miss its planned 2025 release window and fall into 2026 amid production trouble and developer struggle with February’s mandated return to office, according to a Kotaku report. Though the company still stands by its early 2025 release plan, the game’s release window is uncertain.

Kotaku reporter Zack Zwiezen wrote on the issue on March 22, claiming sources familiar with the GTA 6‘s development said it might miss its planned 2025 as its development has “started falling behind.” These development issues coincide with reports that Rockstar staff were being pushed back into the in-person office from February so as to avoid delaying the highly anticipated title. It was also reported that Rockstar Games is still abiding by their early 2025 release goal, but that the game’s exact release date is looking ever more uncertain as time goes by.

characters riding vehicles in gta 6
Trouble in Vice City. Image via Rockstar Games GTA 6 YouTube trailer.

“Kotaku has also learned that it’s becoming more and more likely that the sequel might not land until late 2025,” Zwiezen reported. “It’s also possible that it could even slip into 2026 as production reportedly falls behind.” This comes after recent reports that GTA 6 is in its final stages of development and was eyeing a potential February 2025 release date. However, GTA 6 may still end up delayed until at least late 2025 despite Rockstar obviously hoping to release it sooner.

Last month, Bloomberg reported Rockstar Games was recalling all remote employees back into office to enter the final stages of production on GTA 6. Developers were to return to regular office hours five days a week starting in April, but the decision rubbed many employees the wrong way. Those in the UK protested against the decision and were backed by the country’s Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain, Aftermath reported on March 19.

The company has become notorious for delaying its products over the years. If GTA 6 is to be delayed, the initial impact regards only the console version of the game. The PC port, in Rockstar fashion, won’t arrive until some time later, which could prove a mighty long time indeed for PC-playing fans of the franchise.

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